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Download here the Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) in pdf file format:


Download the IO-I-PTH test instruction: TEST instruction (from the as a pdf file.)

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a short video of the test cycle

Questions and Answers


1. Centrifuge patient’s blood sample

Transfer 2 aliquots of 1 mL EDTA blood sample into two-labelled microfuge tubes.
Centrifuge the tubes for approximately 30 seconds at 1100 g-force (5000 rpm on the STAT-Centrifuge).

2. Tranfer samples to plate

Transfer sampels to plate (pipette)


3. incubate

Incubate the plate for 5min.


4. Wash the plate

Wash the plate


5. Read

Read the plate in the luminometer


6. Quantitative results reported

    • Reconstitute standards and controls


Instructions for use highlights

If the precision of the assay does not comply with the established limits and repetition excludes errors in technique, check the following areas:

  1. Expiration date on reagent package and prepared reagents.
  2. Timer.
  3. Thoroughness of washing step.
  4. Storage and incubation conditions.
  5. Cleanliness of all system components.
  6. Purity of water.

Kit Consumption Scenarios

The kit is adaptable depending on the number of patients you need to treat on a day.




6 patients a day